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   Being a guitar maker is total craziness. That's been my life since 2008.

   Not only I'm the builder, I'm the wood and parts buyer, driver, accountant, photographer, pr and social media person, laborer, local guitar related facts correction officer and a shoulder to cry on. Love it! 

    I get to meet and be friends with pretty much every customer I work with, something lacking in today's consumerist society. I get to be as creative and stylish as I can be to make my client happy. I get to hear my works play the most beautiful riffs and solos, truly magical stuff. I get to be invited not only to arenas and massive concert halls but also to the most humble bedrooms/studios. Love it!

   This all about that one musician and that one instrument. There's no fame, no financial gain, no healthy old age but just making that one person happy. Love it!

    Hope to meet you soon and hope to cut some woods for you. Cheers!


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