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Q:    How much are your instruments?
A:     6 string guitars and 4 string basses start from $3600. Prices go up depending on the wood, hardware and customization choices. Hit me up for a quote.

  How long does it take you to finish my guitar?
A:     At this point my waiting list is about 10-12 months. 

Q:   Do you make electric and bass guitars?
A:    Yes. Solid, semi hollow and hollow body electric and bass guitars.

Q:    Do you make acoustic or classical guitars?
A:    No.

Q:    What's your story?
A:     I've been playing the guitar for 30 years. Started making guitars in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008. Moved to Tampa, Florida in 2017 and continuing my work here.

Q:    Will you make me anything I want?
A:     No. As much as I love my customers there is a fine line between originality and functionality. 

Q:    So what kind of guitars do you make?
A:     I make double cut (S type), single cut (LP type), hybrid jazz style 6,7,8 string guitars and 4,5,6 string basses.

Q:    Do you make multiscale (fan fret) instruments?
A:     Yes. for guitars I usually use 25.5"-27" or 27"-28" and for basses 33"-35" but I'm open to different scale lengths depending on your tuning and string gauge choices.

Q:    What kind of woods you use?
A:     Only the wood that's cut best for the part, perfectly dried for years and years, tonally distinctive, visually stunning and ergonomically fitting. I buy and dry the best examples of species from all Americas to Africa, Hawaii to Europe.

Q:    What kind of hardware do you use?
A:     Only the best brands from US, Germany and Japan. Whichever part you want for your custom guitar project as pickups, bridge, tuners etc. we'll get it and use it.

Q:    How can I start the ordering process?
A:    You can email me, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram or schedule a visit at the workshop.

Q:    Do you ship to my location?
A:     Yes I ship pretty much everywhere.

Q:    How many guitars do you make?
A:     I'm one man show, I make every step of guitar making process myself, don't have any apprentices or helpers. Therefore I only make about 15 guitars per year. 

Q:    Will you teach me how to make a guitar, take me as an apprentice or can we make my guitar together? 
A:     No

Q:    Will you make me Fender, Gibson, PRS etc copy?
A:     No, I build my own models. Please check the galleries.

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